Under the Hood

“After some consideration”:http://www.polytropos.org/archives/000432.html, I’ve decided to keep my lot cast in with Movable Type, as opposed to switching over to WordPress. I toodled around with an install of WP long enough to discover the stuff I didn’t like about it, and while overall it’s really cool, so is MT. I’ll wait for the general release of 3.0, though. (UPDATE: And after the last swath of #*%*^% comment spam I just had to clean up, I have half a mind to embrace 3.0’s comment registration features, too. Not happy about that, but consider this fair warning.)

I ended up scratching my “need to try new software” itch elsewhere, by dropping Opera and embracing Firefox & Thunderbird. Firefox definitely wins the browser competition. I’ve long been a fan of Opera’s M2 email system, which is a whole different paradigm for managing email. Going back to a traditional email system, though, I discovered I like that just fine, too. The fact that I once again have to manually move emails to subfolders means that I’m a little more selective about what I choose to keep, and as a result my email archives will be less cluttered with stuff that I really didn’t need to save. F&T also give those nice “I’m using open-source software” warm fuzzies.

On the hardware front, I take little satisfaction in the fact that my desktop rig meets the “minimum system requirements for Doom 3”:http://games.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/07/20/141236&tid=112. “Minimum” ain’t gonna cut it for truly experiencing the game, and blimey, I don’t seem to have a few hundred bucks lying around for a new processor & video card. Looks like this particular bandwagon will be passing me by.