It should come as no surprise that there exists a place on the Internet where people can record “Googlewhacks”: two dictionary words which, when put into Google, return one and only one search result. (A few clarifications and additional restrictions are listed as well.)

Anyhow, I got a nice email from an intrepid whackfinder letting me know that Polytropos has been whacked, but if I mention the two words that did it I suppose it wouldn’t be a googlewhack any more. So go to their website and look up googlewhack number four hundred sixty-nine. (UPDATE: Oops. The numbers change, so that’s no way to find it. So go to the page in the 400’s and search for “Rachel” — the one located by Rachel from London is the one.)

It strikes me that blog authors would have a better than average chance of locating googlewhacks, since they could think/skim back over odd words they’d used recently and then search for them in combinations.

It would also be trivially easy to _create_ googlewhacks by deliberately putting highly unusual words in the same entry. I suspect such metagooglewhacks would be illegal, but perhaps only if the author was the one who reported them.

. . .

Wow — I just spend a few minutes trying to find a googlewhack, and it’s hard! So in the spirit of public service, I’ll toss one out for others to find:

autochthonous rolamite