Can You See Me?

Suanna had an ultrasound today; unlike the first time, we were actually able to recognize the stuff we were seeing. I had no idea what a bundle of stress and worry I’d been carrying around until the technician said “Everything looks fine!” and suddenly the universe became incontrovertibly groovy.

But that technician, I must admit, confirmed a theory of mine: I am invisible. Specifically, invisible to all nurses and other support staff working in the field of obstetrics. I noticed it when I joined Suanna for her very first pregnancy checkup — the lady who showed us in smiled broadly at Suanna and touched on on the shoulder. Suanna gestured to me and said “This is my husband,” but the nurse’s eyes barely glazed over me, and she didn’t say anything. The next time, I tested my germinal theory by saying “Hello!” to the nurse and trying to make eye contact — it was a different woman this time, but she deftly ignored me too. I’m considering wearing a beanie and codpiece to the next appointment just to see if I can get any reaction from these people whatsoever.

It’s not that I expect much from them — just one of those brief acknowledgement-of-existence gestures that human beings generally give each other. Why would they deny me even that? All is explained, though, if they can’t actually _see_ me. Maybe all this time, when Suanna’s been talking as if someone else if with her, they’ve just been chalking it up to pregnancy-induced hallucinations. And now that I think of it — mightn’t this be the case for all guys? A case of an occupational blind spot, not invisibility as such? Can anyone else corroborate my findings?