October Search String Excerpts

Here are some of the phrases that people entered into a search engine that led them, by hook or by crook, to this site. I plan to keep the world updated with these each month — I don’t care if doing so is a blogosphere cliche. It’s fun. Last month’s are “here”:http://www.polytropos.org/archives/000111.html.

Ordinary Stuff Dept.

getting extra cable channels
people against paintball
blog beer maryland
short poem one paragraph on pussy cat
funeral fee bangkok death traveler
baby gear men will like
classy checkers tut results

Dept. of the Tawdry (in increasingly disturbing order)

seducing females
harry and hermione kissing stories and pictures
erotic everquest stories
erotic pictures of jai from queer eye for the straight guy

Dept. of the Lengthy

actor martin shaw -sussex -professor -university -wine -jazz -trumpet
comparison between portrayals of achilles in epic and in art
ancient chinese printer how it works and wat [sic] it looks like
which province of holland speaks the closest language to old english and how its called
unmeted or sphenozygomatic or clogwood or antepenult or aclidian [what on _earth_ could this person have been looking for?]