Slacktivist on the Recall

“Slacktivist”: has become a favorite blog ever since “Electrolite”: called it to my attention. “This entry”: says everything that needs to be said about the California recall:

Imagine this, at a noon press conference:

COLEMAN: Thank you for coming. I’ll try to be short. (uncomfortable pause) That was a joke.

I’ve called you here today to say this: Don’t vote for me. I entered this race as a joke. I’m an actor — what do I know about being governor? What does an actor know about funding our public schools, or balancing the budgets? My campaign has been a joke, but if you vote for me — or if you vote for this recall — then the joke is on you.

Look, I never pretended to be qualified to be governor. But I will say this: I never said I admired Hitler. And I haven’t spent the last 20 years groping women’s breasts. I couldn’t reach them. (uncomfortable pause) That was another joke. Jeez, you guys are tough.

So please, don’t vote for me. And don’t vote for this recall. Don’t turn California into a joke. Thank you.

REPORTER: Mr. Coleman, please …

COLEMAN: Look, I told you …

REPORTER: Come on, just once, please.

COLEMAN: I didn’t come here to …


COLEMAN: (sighs heavily) “Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Willis?”