Monthly Blogroll Update

Another month, another update. For those of you who regularly read blogs, it probably seems unusual that I’m diligently keeping the links in my sidebar up-to-date instead of letting them fall into disarray. Think of it as leading by example.

Many new blogs this time, but I’m not sufficiently inspired to subdivide, so they’ll all remain in one list for now. The blogroll now includes blogs by people I admire, blogs by people I know, and blogs by people who have graciously linked to Polytropos at some point. Most are a combination of these; I’ll leave sorting them out as an exercise for the reader. As always, there are more blogs in my bookmarks than those I link to here. The Polytropos sidebar ain’t easy — well, OK, it _is_ easy, but it takes time to make up its mind.

Deep in the bowels of Polytropos Labs, I’m putting together an arcane Taxonomy of Blogdom that will be used to organize the blogroll in the future, and hopefully will serve as an inspiration to the rest of the blogosphere. It will be ready . . . someday.

Here, then, are the newcomers:

* “Alas, a blog”: is one of the best-looking blogs I’ve seen; it served as inspiration for some of the changes I made to Polytropos.
* “Bookslut”: has been around since the beginning; I mention it because I was about to _remove_ it from the ‘roll as a result of a very dark time in which people other than Jessa Crispin were writing it. But now she’s back and all is well.
* I knew “Eve Tushnet”: must be a widely-read blogger when her offhand references to Polytropos created record-setting numbers of hits for this site. Turns out she’s widely read for a reason.
* “John & Belle Have a Blog”: is written by John Holbo, who teaches philosophy at the National University of Singapore. I haven’t been reading enough (or perhaps not closely enough) to know whether Belle gets a word in edgewise. UPDATE: I just realized that the little picture icons by the entries indicate which of them is writing each entry. So actually I’ve been reading plenty of Belle’s stuff all along. Color me stupid.
* “¡Journalista!”: is the blog of Dirk Deppey of the Comics Journal. Readers who stumble here from his links may be fooled into thinking that I’m a real comics blogger, but I’m only moonlighting as one because friends keep giving me comics to read.
* I mentioned “Slacktivist”: in the entry before this one. Electrolite “describes him best”:
* “Snarkout”: is one of those blogs (they need a name) which routinely post delightful, informative essays that are apropos of nothing in the news or in the author’s personal life. I wandered here when “this entry”: was at the top and have kept poking back since.
* Over in “Regular Reading,” I added links to a couple comics I routinely read: “PVP”: and “Doonesbury”: