Conventional Observations #2-4

I planned on going to “Blogorama”: tonight. I honestly did. But Ella was sick last night and all day today, so come evening I was plum tuckered out. I actually ended up watching the Kerry speech, which I hadn’t planned on doing. Thoughts:

* Good-by-Kerry-standards delivery. Good speech. I agree with the PBS commentators that the convention seems to have gone very well, though I’ve used up my Shields and Brooks tolerance for the next decade.

* Whatever happens to Kerry this election, Edwards and Obama are just waiting in the wings for their turns. And they are both soooo slick. Republicans should be scared.

* I’ve been mostly disappointed with blogging coverage of the convention, though to be fair I haven’t strayed far from my usual bookmarks. But reading “Fafblog”: just now I snorted my drink out my nose it was so funny. Immediate promotion to to the Top Five.