January Search String Excerpts

As I “noted before”:http://www.polytropos.org/archives/000266.html, the big (and annoying) search news this month was that, thanks largely to the word “bikini,” almost 19% of Polytropos traffic came from search engines. I find the uptick in search engine traffic distressing simply because it makes me have to do math in order to figure out how much _real_ traffic I’m getting. Anyway, here’s a sampling of bizarre search strings that inexplicably led people to this site, hoping it would have whatever the heck it was they were looking for. No subcategories this time; just my comments in parentheses behind them.

* rowling wizard skill check d20 (I always suspected that the Harry Potter books were just the transcript of somebody’s RPG . . .)
* spandex poll survey
* embarrassing breastfeed staring spray (I would love to know why somebody was searching for this.)
* jim henley fitness weight (Hey! Somebody reads “Jim’s”:http://www.highclearing.com/ fitness posts! Now we have proof!)
* mick jagger muay thai (He’d get his butt kicked)
* really really had to pee (If your day isn’t disturbing enough yet, put that phrase into Google and browse the different sites that come up. I didn’t see Polytropos in the first hundred or so, so I’m at a total loss as to how somebody ended up here from it.)
* speaking of prayer buddhist monks in a thai monastery kneel before a gold-plated likeness of beckham (What??)
* clarendon imports swords katana (Sadly, this store doesn’t appear to by in my Clarendon.)
* unsinged or compositous or hemoflagellate or unmovingness or mythopoeic
* thom yorke and wisdom teeth
* gimli eowyn chocolate pudding (Yes! Finally!)