Dominic Update #2

Sadly, this is not the “Dominic gets discharged and arrives home!” update.

He slept great last night, and has been doing well with food and drink. With some help from the physical therapists he even sat up in bed. Turns out, if it wasn’t for the pain, he could totally put some weight on that foot, even walk, without risking damage to the broken bone. Benefits of a titanium rod holding it in place. In reality he won’t be putting weight on it for a good long time, but it still blows my mind to think that it wouldn’t be a big deal if he did.

The bad news: he did need more blood, which means 8 hours today having it fed in via the IV (it’s almost done as I write this). That in turn means no morphine to take the edge off when his pain spikes, unless he wanted to start a second IV, which, I can assure you, is an idea he would definitely not support. So he’s been in more pain today than the previous couple, though after a bad bit he slept for three hours, then woke up and devoured a cheeseburger and broccoli. He’s doing great now. Physical therapy comes tomorrow morning, so (fingers crossed) he is set free tomorrow afternoon.

Things that make me suddenly tear up these days:

  1. Sitting down to eat food that neighbors have brought by.
  2. Watching Dominic talk to his friends on the phone.
  3. Turning at the intersection where it happened.
  4. Standing near anyone else who is tearing up for any reason at all.
  5. Thinking about any of the above while driving to or from the hospital.