Living in History

I have a brother who is biracial, half-white, half-African American, and every time I see a picture of Barack Obama when he was young, especially the ones when he’s with his white mother, I feel a shock of recognition.  I have a daughter a little younger than Obama’s two daughters, and every time I see them coming out onto the stage I tear up in spite of myself.  (I even find the younger one charming when she’s shamelessly mugging for the camera.)

There is no doubt that by electing him America is growing up.  And of course his politics coincide with mine.  Countless people can claim far closer connections to him than my tenuous ones.  But he will be my President in a way that no one has in my lifetime.  And I think he has a shot at being the great President he is asking us to help him to be.

It’s a great night.