We Welcome Our New Google Overlords

Google is going to conquer the Internet.  It has already largely conquered me.  I use the Google personal page for my homepage, Google Reader for an rss reader, Google desktop for search, scratch pad, and to-do.  Google Calendar is the only calendar I use now, online or off.  I find myself using Google Docs a fair amount.  I belong to a couple Google Groups.  I will shortly be using Gmail with my regular email address, too, via Google Apps.

But the whole Internet — how is that going to work?  For an excellent writeup on that, see this “I, Cringely” essay.  Via Slashdot, though be warned that the summary there bears little resemblance to the actual article, which is more of a “here’s how Google is thinking very big and very long-term” and not “here’s how Google is bent on world domination.”