Headin’ South

Well, a few miles, anyway. Polytropos HQ is changing its coordinates in meatspace. The new apartment is in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, which is one of those areas that has a pretty good mix of “hip” and “quaint” and that everybody recognizes when you say it and thinks it’ll be a great place to live. Consequently the houses around there are totally unaffordable, as are most of them ’round these parts, so we’ll give that step another year or two.

Playground in walking distance: check
YMCA in walking distance: check (added bonus)
Metro stop: check, definitely walkable, though far enough away that you’d feel obligated to drive out and pick up people you don’t know very well.
Decent coffee shop nearby: “check”:http://www.stelmoscoffeepub.com/

Hiring movers this year, instead of the usual bribing-friends-with-pizza-and-beer. Does that make us grown-ups, now?