Last Night’s Dream

It’s kind of late and I really ought to be getting to bed, but the thing is, I’ve been invited to Madonna’s wedding. It’s happening in town, after all, so why not go? But instead I end up just hanging around and watching the wedding on the E! entertainment network. As it’s wrapping up on TV I realize that I could still go to the reception — it is _Madonna’s_ wedding, after all, so it’s bound to be swank, with lots of famous people and great food. But isn’t it a little weasely to crash the reception when you’ve skipped the wedding? Nevertheless, I go. I’m delighted to run into a friend outside the building who’s doing the exact same thing, so we slip in together.

But the reception is a terrible disappointment. Madonna has married an Ubuntu tribesman[1] and they are sitting on thrones at the head of the hall. On a whim at the last second Madonna has decided that she wants every single guest to be presented to her and introduced. The line is _incredibly_ long, and the presentations are taking forever. My friend and I can see the open bar and the table stacked high with the most glorious hors d’ouevres imaginable, but with a sinking feeling I realize that it will be dawn before I get through the line and am finally able to partake. And anyway, I have breakfast plans. What a bummer.

fn1. In waking life I realize full well that Ubuntu is a word, not a tribe. But this was a dream. This is the only part of the dream that I know where it comes from — I read “this”: just before going to bed.