Two Days Two Days Two Days Two Days

Two days ’till the “Serenity”: premiere. My hopes of re-watching all the TV episodes before the movie haven’t panned out, but Suanna and I have been hitting the highlights. Saw “Out of Gas”: last night. TV doesn’t get better than that.

All we need now is a babysitter for Friday night . . .

Had a shot at seeing an early screening, thanks to a “Serenity Blogger Bonanza” program put on by an outfit called Grace Hill Media. (“Jim”: brought it to my attention.) Here’s part of the email I got back from them:

Congratulations! You are one of the lucky bloggers to be chosen and confirmed for the screening of SERENITY for the time, date and the number of guests that you have requested. Please note, this confirmation DOES NOT guarantee you a seat at the screening.

To significantly increase your chances of getting into the screening, you MUST do the following:

* You MUST include the film’s synopsis on your blog (synopsis below) and you MUST link your blog to the SERENITY website (which has the trailer and production notes) and featured artwork. After you have screened the film, please discuss it on your blog. Please provide us the links to all of your blog posts on SERENITY at
* Print out and bring a copy of this confirmation.
* Arrive at the theater AT LEAST 45 minutes before the show begins.
* Upon arrival at the theater, please find a UNIVERSAL PICTURES representative and inform him or her that you are part of the SERENITY BLOGGER BONANZA. The Universal rep will then instruct you as to what to do next.
* etc.

Now, if I was going to whore myself out for anything, it’d be a _Serenity_ advanced screening, but something about the whole “do our PR for us and _maybe_ we’ll let you in” attitude rubbed me the wrong way. It’ll be funner to see it Friday with friends, anyway.