Into the Breach

1. Trackback spam is just killing me these days. I want to upgrade to the latest version of Movable Type, and it’d be nice to have a clean, new installation to tackle the problem from.

2. I really ought to switch to dynamic page builds, and that, too, might be easier from a clean install of MT. Doing so could screw up external and internal links, but I haven’t exactly been plugged into to the linkety-linkety scene of the blogosphere lately, so that’s not that big a deal.

3. I’ve got that itch I want to scratch — I haven’t toodled with MT in a while, so it’s due for some toodling. It’s the same impulse that makes me change email programs every couple of years for no reason whatsoever.

Ergo: I’m going to re-install MT from scratch and re-import the entries at some point soon. Depending on how the import goes (and how different the 3.x templates are from the 2.x ones) things may look very different, or not. In any case, do not be alarmed.