Jon Stewart Is My Hero

Not that I ever watch Crossfire, but I wish I had caught this one. The “transcript”: is up for Jon Stewart’s guest appearance, in which he savages the show and Tucker Carlson. It’s glorious. I read about it first on “Wonkette”: — strangely enough, she was at the table next to me at the coffee shop when she “interviewed” Tucker Carlson, as described “here”:

Stewart has this great insulation to say some of the things he says because his own show is, by definition, a big joke. And that’s something that in the whole interview Carlson simply could not get. Though he was smart enough to drop a quote to Wonkette afterwards, I guess.

UPDATE: “Go read”: Michael Hall on Stewart, Crossfire, and Wonkette. He’s pretty hard on Wonkette, but I think he’s basically right — her “look at me I’m not a real journalist!” schtick is now tired. She needs to take a page from Stewart’s book, which is her book too, or at least used to be.