September Search String Excerpts

There weren’t enough good ones last month to merit an entry, but we’re back with a handful of phrases that people entered into search engines that, by hook or by crook, led them here.

*liane hansen will shortz affair blog* — … and innumerable variations of those words and similar ones. (My favorite is ‘puzzle master true love blog’.) Obviously most of those searches are finding “this”:, but what I want to know is, are these people who heard the mention on NPR and tried to find the blog, or are these people who (like me) have always suspected the connection and were searching _before_ last Sunday? I suspect more of the latter.

*best backgammon player in the world* — Don’t listen to all this talk of Woolsey or Robertie or Magriel. _We_ know that it’s “Patrick”: Who I haven’t seen since “June”:, sad to say.

*nude picture sault ste marie* — Mmmm, yeah, ’cause the “Soo Locks”: are so sexy, opening and closing, opening and closing …

*david vanderlaan picture* — He has a really cute butt. I know. (No, not “this”: David. “This”: one.)

*polytropos obligatory search string excerpts* — Aaaah! It’s so meta I can’t stand it!