This and That

Five days between posts! Inexcusable! The good news is that there’s a huge backlog of stuff I plan to write about when I get a chance. The bad news is that it may be a few more days.

While I was in Boston, Polytropos got hit with ~1500 pieces of comment spam. Even for a MT-Blacklist power user, that much is a royal pain in the ass to clean up. So to maintain sanity until I install MT 3.1, I’ve installed the “CloseComments”: plugin. Posts older than 21 days that have been inactive for at least 7 days will no longer allow additional comments. If there’s something you reeeally reeeally want to comment on, let me know and I’ll open up comments on that entry.

All the cool kids in the blogosphere have linked to this already, but for those of you who don’t read many other blogs: definitely go read “Over the Bridge”: on the fine blog Better Angels of Our Nature.