The Sequel We Dared Not Dream Of

There’s actually some sense to the fact that they’re making “another Dungeons and Dragons movie”: Since the “first one”: was, objectively speaking, the worst movie ever made in the history of the universe, were practically guaranteed that the sequel will be an improvement.

To tell the truth, though, the first one wasn’t that bad. Or, rather, it was bad enough that it was actually funny. Though I found it quite painful at the time, I’m looking forward to seeing it again sometime with others just so I can watch their faces and share the feeling of its utter awfulness. A bit of familiarity with D&D helps, because then some parts of the movie come off as not merely nonsensical but nonsensical _and_ hilariously dumb. At least, that’s how I remember it — as soon as I got home after seeing it I poured myself a good stiff drink in a concerted effort to wipe it from my mind.

Yah, so, anyway, you get the picture. They’re making another one. Just as the first one starred (and thus humiliated) talented actors like Jeremy Irons and Thora Birch, this one’s going to demolish the careers of Ian Holm and Lauren Ambrose, its two headliners

Joking! Actually there’s no cast information yet. But you can be sure that Polytropos will be your reliable source for updates on the film throughout its development. I find these sorts of debacles much more satisfying from a front-row seat.