The Confusion Is Coming

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was “burning through”: Neal Stephenson’s last 900-page novel. But the second part of the Baroque Cycle, “The Confusion”:amazon:confusion+stephenson, is hitting the shelves tomorrow. Mine’s on order, so I’ll be getting it a few days later — but that’s just as well since I’m finally close to finishing _The Book of the New Sun_, which I’ve been chipping away at for “way too long now”:

I never did get around to doing any further blogging about _Quicksilver_ after my initial review. I’ll save my thoughts for a big, spoiler-heavy post after I finish _The Confusion_. And a review before that, naturally. This book definitely snuck up on me, which is a very fine and unexpected thing; usually I get impatient watching the calendar for the arrival of the objects of my fanboy affections.