March Search String Excerpts

* *hellboy pamcakes* — I’m proud that 21 people searching for this found their way here, but I have no idea how. I’ve never mentioned pamcakes before. Mmmmm. Pamcakes . . .
* *sean astin and elijah wood undertones return of king movie* — I don’t understand this search string. What sort of undertones were they . . . oh.
* *peter jackson comic store guy* — Hey, we were all _thinking_ it, but show some respect!
* *the rhythmic flashing in his head was gradually altering into the familiar alarm call he opened one eye unsure of the motive behind this irritating noise which requested his attention. through a hazy window he located the source of his subconscious intrusion there it stood in defiance its small hands pointing akimbo. a flash of recollection eliminated his frontal lobe as he focused on the small symbols scattered on the round face eight o’clock!* — I’m having flashbacks to reading the creative writing of college freshmen.
* *is there luck in chess* — No, that’s called backgammon . . .
* *convince husband baby* — This has to be the most poignant search string I’ve ever seen. Somewhere out there there’s a woman who wants to have a baby, but her husband is resistant to the idea. She’s not sure who to talk to, and so what does she do? She goes to Google. I can’t decide whether to laugh or to cry.
* *do you have a small rey mysterio costume for sale off the internet?* — I don’t personally; talk to Michael Thomas. His blog will be up soon.
* *poker collectible card game -software -program -computer* — Yeah, because a computer version of a poker CCG would suck, but a tabletop version would _rock_.