The Computer Is Your Friend!

Greg Costikyan has “announced”: the return of the classic roleplaying game Paranoia for the new millenium. I’m happy to note that Paranoia XP has “its own blog”:, where the developers plan to offer updates and steal ideas from readers. It’s only just begun, so the talk thus far is about “the philosophy of the game”: and not so much about system. I do have some worries about system, only because Paranoia XP will be published by “Mongoose Publishing”: Those guys make stylish stuff, but they’re a D20 publisher, and their Babylon 5 RPG exemplifies for me the “problems with using D20 as a universal system”: If there’s a game and a setting that _demands_ its own system instead of a cookie-cutter framework, it’s Paranoia. But there’s zero indication so far that PXP is going to be a D20 game, so I’m probably working myself up over nothing. Besides, I’m happy. Very very happy. Happiness is mandatory.

UPDATE: You know, if I had just read the whole dang press release carefully, I’d have noticed this bit in the Q&A:

Player: Are you using the d20 rules system?

The Computer: No. PARANOIA is fun. D20 games are not fun. The Computer says so.

So there ya go.