Beatles Countdown

“Jonathan Laughlin”: of (“Craic Wisely”: fame) has finished counting down his favorite ten Beatles albums on his blog. Each entry contains notes, background, favorite songs — all kinds of good stuff. Here’s his list, with links to the relevant entries:

10. “Beatles For Sale”:
9. “Help!”:
8. “Hard Day’s Night”:
7. “Let It Be”:
6. “Sgt. Pepper”:
5. “Magical Mystery Tour”:
4. “Rubber Soul”:
3. “Abbey Road”:
2. “The White Album”:
1. “Revolver”:

I’d bump Revolver down a peg or two, Abbey Road up, Rubber Soul up, Sgt. Pepper up, and MMT down a few to make room for it all. But what do I know? Jonathan has more Beatles lore in his left eyebrow than I do in my, um, brain. Not sure what he’s planning to count down next, but let me presume to recommend Led Zeppelin, R.E.M., and live Phish shows. Me, I’m calling dibs on a They Might Be Giants countdown. One of these days.