Best of Polytropos?

I’d like to add a “Best of Polytropos” section to the sidebar, linking to the handful of entries that are, well, _best_. It occurs to me that what I think of as best and what others think of as best may not be the same thing. I’ve certainly had occasion to be surprised over the past six months at which entries end up being linked and widely read. So I’m asking for your suggestions: which entries from 2003 struck you as the most memorable/interesting/well-written/whatever? Let me know in the comments or via email, and I’ll take it all into account as I compile the list.

UPDATE: This entry just got nailed with100+ pieces of comment spam, all due to something called “Flood MT.” Clearly, the next volley in the blog spam war has begun. I’ve turned off comments on this entry; hopefully I won’t need to turn off comments altogether. In the meantime, please send your Best of Polytropos suggestions to me via email.

UPDATE: The behavior of FloodMT is known as “crapflooding.” The urls in this spam are nonsense letters; the spam serves no purpose other than to annoy Movable Type users. Some people are such jerks. Thankfully, “Jay Allen”: is on it.