A Pocketful of Links

Man, I picked the wrong time to take a few days off of blogreading. There’s much good stuff out there on Iowa, post-Iowa, and the SOTU. Plus the normal chatter. Here’s a few links.

* Mary Kay of “Gallimaufry”:http://marykay.typepad.com/gallimaufry/ volunteered for Dean in Iowa and blogged the whole time. The most recent entry is “here”:http://marykay.typepad.com/gallimaufry/2004/01/iowa_part_the_f_1.html, and her sum-up is still forthcoming. Also (via “Calpundit”:http://www.calpundit.com/) there’s more Iowa reportage “here”:http://yin.blog-city.com/read/443926.htm from a blogger who participated in an actual caucus meeting.
* “Talking Points Memo”:http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/ is hotter than usual these days, with Josh Marshall reporting directly from New Hampshire. For those who don’t read him regularly: the guy got enough donations to fund his trip there, so he’s doing all his reporting directly for his blog, as opposed to getting himself there on a press junket and giving the blog only the table scraps. He also has an interesting “interview with George Soros”:http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/week_2004_01_18.html#002454.
* Dan of “Dislogue”:http://dislogue.dansch.net/, has returned after a long blogging hiatus, popping up here in Arlington, of all places. Welcome to the neighborhood!