December Search String Excerpts

“Alas”:, there was no “gimli eowyn chocolate pudding.” There were lots of Tolkien-related searches, but not many of them were really funny. Many many searches for “return of the king sloth” or some variation of that, which I can only assume is referring to what Michael Thomas referred to as the “Mr. Potato ‘Sloth’ Head” leading the orc army at Pelennor Fields. Anyway, here’s some of the odd searches that led Web wanderers, by hook or by crook, to this site.

Department of Things to Ponder

why does art most often deal with rage?
responses unhesitating the past is surreal
are dominic monaghan and billy boyd still great friends
jesus christ superstar 2000 semiotics
do gamers participate in physical activity

Not Unusual But Proud That It Led Them Here Dept.

anapestic hexameter
500 000 kilowatts of p-funk power
good gravy interjection
cheesecake factory sucks

What To Get For the Man Who Has Everything Dept.

pictures of imported hondas with green neon lights
decal for girls that play paintball
nifty erotic story archives
strange nekkidness