Bizarro Spam

I periodically check my old, spam-riddled email address, just in case anything interesting comes through on it. Usually it’s just spam, but I don’t know whether to call this one spam or not. All the signs are there: a gobbledeegook freemail address as the source, and a long string of earthlink addresses with similar spellings visible in the “CC” field. But there’s no subject line, and here’s the entire body of the message:

brusque story slavonic admire midwinter asset delve incongruous
drain pistol beckon mangel dolomitic metallurgy corrodible clot elsie
lithic addend parsonage clinging pilferage tenneco wipe yin

How can it be spam if it’s not sending a message? Unless the message is _subliminal_. That could be it.

Or maybe it’s an ad for the OED.