Movable Type Strangeness

There’s a bit of a strange story about that last entry. I wrote it earlier this afternoon and kept getting bizarre “Internal Server Error” errors from Movable Type when I tried to post it. I assumed something server-side was wrong, but when I sat down to toodle with things again a few minutes ago did I discover that the problem was _only_ with that one particular entry. I could edit other entries or post new ones with ease.

I assumed that there must be some bizarre code in there that was causing the trouble, so in systematic debugging style the first thing I did was remove the url & link from ‘National Do Not Call Registry.’ And lo and behold, it worked. Happy happy joy joy. The url had been ‘’, so I tried just ‘’ instead, and that caused the exact same error. So I changed the url to ‘’ — and there wasn’t an error. I changed it to ‘’ — and there wasn’t an error there, either.

Apparently, that one specific url is causing Movable Type to bail. (UPDATE: typing the urls into _this_ entry worked just fine, though.) How very strange. Why _that_ one? I feel a conspiracy theory coming on . . .