Obligatory Search String Excerpts

As a relatively new blogger, I’m still in that phase where I pore over every stat in my server logs on a near-daily basis. (This goes away after a while, right? Right?) I quickly discovered that the “keyphrases used on search engines” section has incredible entertainment value. And while I’m certainly “not the”:http://www.godofthemachine.com/archives/00000482.html “first”:http://eve-tushnet.blogspot.com/2003_09_01_eve-tushnet_archive.html#106279472252715591 to do this, I thought I’d share some of the search strings that a person or persons entered into Google that led them, somehow, to Polytropos.

Obvious Which Entry It Came From Dept.

thom yorke tool
nate yoga instructor [someday . . .]
step by step levitation
fans of the 1979 chrysler lebaron [we like to stick together]
kate beckinsdale hair in underworld
did the cia put charles taylor in power?
get rid of jai [yesss!]
girls of gencon 2003
hidden connotation in Harry Potter
hermione and harry love stories sex kissing marriage

Probably Came From My “Thailand Travelogue”:http://www.polytropos.org/web/thailand.html Dept.

travelogue burma brothel
masseuses popped anything that could
tourists having servants in thailand

Dept. of WTF?

inlay back garfunkel across america
portugese sliver coins [sic]
bare club iranian
counteracted or frills or carved or divider or anthem
duel legal country dueling where banned
the history of any kind of catfish seen by professional divers several years ago diving at the smith mountain lake dam invirginia [yes, that’s all one phrase]

The Internet is a very big place. Some of those people could only have found Polytropos by looking on the fifth or sixth page of Google results (I checked). It’s also pretty clear that hardly anyone knows to use quotations marks in search field to set off a phrase — unless maybe those just don’t come up on the server logs.