Three Things for Friday

  • Recommended reading: “The Falling Man“, by Tom Junod, in this month’s Esquire. The title refers to the infamous photograph of one of the many who jumped from the upper stories of the Trade Center towers. This is a hard subject, and a hard read, but it’s a worthwhile and challenging look at an unspoken-of aspect of September 11, as well as a reflection on the role of the photographer in times of crisis and tragedy. Hat tips to Agitator and Fresh Bilge.
  • On a lighter note, Jim Henley has found another quiz — this time “What legendary creature are you?” He’s a muse, I’m a phoenix, which is kind of like a muse but with wings and fire and stuff. Unfortunately, Jim somehow missed the fact that on the same site is a “Which Babylon 5 character are you?” quiz, which is much cooler. Of course, it turns out that I’m Londo Mollari . . . and I only cheated on one question!
  • As everyone has heard by now, Johnny Cash died. I remember last year when my friend Lee called me over to the computer in our office. “You’ve got to see this,” he said. He played the video to “Hurt,” which was the sort of thing, both musically and visually, that smacks you out of your ordinary day and sears itself onto your memory. A fitting if haunting end to a legendary career.