Monthly Blogroll Update

Two newcomers to the sidebar this time around:

Locust Wind is the brand new weblog by my good friend Chad Engbers, a supremely fine fellow. He’s recently thrown rough drafts of some of his poems up there for public comment. That takes guts. Locust Wind is shaping up to be one of those blogs where updates don’t come along every day, but when they do, they’re always meaty.

The same might be said of dislogue, by a guy known only as Dan. It’s a relatively recent blog, full of thoughtful essays on books, games, and a bit of personal narrative. One of his first entries was about Harry Potter. He was a missionary kid. For some reason, this combination of traits resonate with me deeply and make his blog tremendously enjoyable to read. Can’t imagine why.

I think I’m going to explode the blogroll and include links to all the blogs I keep up with more intermittently, including some fine ones that I’ve discovered through the magic of referrer logs and links in the comments. First I must come up with a clever and original way to subdivide all the links, which appears to be de rigeur for that sort of thing. Look for all that next month.