Blogroll Grab Bag

Here’s more stuff worth reading from the weekend:

Over at Making Light, Teresa Nielsen Hayden has been doing a great job filtering and reporting developments in the whole Fox vs. Al Franken debacle. Take a look at this entry especially for some great summary and quotes. Today she observes that, at long last, Fox has dropped the suit.

Via Neil Gaiman – the folks at BBC are going to make something called the Creative Archive:

Mr Dyke [Director General of BBC] said on Sunday that everyone would in future be able to download BBC radio and TV programmes from the internet.

The service, the BBC Creative Archive, would be free and available to everyone, as long as they were not intending to use the material for commercial purposes, Mr Dyke added.

I assume he’s talking about archives of older shows only, though that’s not immediately clear from the article. Whatever the case, this is tremendously good news, not just because of the cool shows we’ll have access to, but more importantly because of the example it sets for Cool Things To Do With Copyrighted Material. Fly free, information, fly free! Why hasn’t Lawrence Lessig written about this yet?

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo is in fine form with this entry on language, policy, and the Bush Administration. Just a taste:

Just as vague and abstract language makes for bad prose, it is also the handmaiden of bad policy and the abettor of buck-passing.