I’m Not a Political Hack, But I Play One on TV

From the Congressional Quarterly e-newsletter. Hat tip to Suanna.

The campaign staff of GOP gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger could be adding a new but familiar face. The Los Angeles Times reports that actor Rob Lowe may become an adviser to Schwarzenegger’s California campaign. Lowe, a longtime Democratic activist and former “West Wing” star, is a friend of Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver. Citing unnamed campaign sources, the Times says the couple asked Lowe to take a senior campaign spot.

And his new show, about lawyers in D.C., is cleverly named “The Lyon’s Den.” Get it? Boy, I got high hopes for that one. What a career: teen heartthrob; joke; actor on a great TV show; even bigger joke. What, did he think he could pull a Clooney?