Implementizing Strategery Vectors

Gotta love it when you go to a company’s website to find out about them, and after reading around for a bit, you still can’t figure out what they do:

CSC has a distinctive point of view: Each client is unique and what each client values is equally specific to them. We also know that each client’s conception of value will change over time . . . Sustaining value, once created, is key. We believe that a “Best Total Solution” is the most effective way to generate the maximum value for each client and sustain that value over time.

Living in this town, what amazes me more than the sheer size of the federal government itself is the number of consulting companies that are hard at work “implementing strategies” and “adding value” for the government. CSC employs 90,000 people and seems to have its fingers in just about every slice of the Homeland Security pie, and yet you�ve never heard of them. At least, I hadn’t. It’s a wacky world.

UPDATE: I am an ignorant weenie. Not only do lots of people who are not me know just what CSC is, one friend (Ed) used to work for them, and another (Mike) works for them now. It’ll all there in the comments.

I never realized so many cool people optimalithized strategeriffic vector solutions . . .