Elijah Snow Is My Hero

The rumors are true. The Planetary / Batman crossover kicks all kinds of ass. But if you have no idea what that means you’ll have to back up a bit and read some Planetary. (Some of you may need to back up even further and discover why you should be reading comics in the first place.)

Planetary is somewhere in the neighborhood of Hellboy with a little bit more of a superhero vibe, and not as gothic, but still with that Gaimanesque penchant for raiding the reference books and basing each issue on an obscure legend or story or place that gets a new perspective or a new twist.

I used to think that Planetary was cool but didn’t measure up to Hellboy. Now that I’m caught up I give Planetary the slight edge when it comes to story, though ain’t nobody touching Mignola in the art department. But it’s all excellent, and if you still have no idea what I’m talking about, I envy you, because you have a lot of great reading in your future.