The Polytropos Sidebar Tour, Part II

. . . and over here we have links to stuff I wrote as opposed to stuff I read.


Thailand Travelogue is a long account of a recent visit to Thailand, flavored with a couple dashes of Thai history and cultural commentary. Unlike a dinner guest trapped in front of a bunch of vacation slides, you only have to read it if you really want to.

Backgammon recounts my recent fascination with the game, as well as my first visit to the Virginia Backgammon Club. Treat it as background reading, since I plan to blog on backgammon in the future. Yeah, that’ll be the way to get the hits rolling in — tapping into the vast network of backgammon bloggers . . .

Geek Cred

Currently all that’s here is a couple of modifications I’ve made to existing games; pretty self-explanatory once you check it out. Expect this section to grow.

This concludes the tour. I’ll be sure to comment on anything new I put in the sidebar as it appears.