Movember: Select My Stache

You may have heard of Movember. It’s a thing where guys grow mustaches in November to raise awareness for “mens’ health,” i.e. prostate cancer and testicular cancer. There is, not surprisingly, a foundation, and a website with social-network-y features, and suggested recipients of donations, and rules.

But one of those rules is “start clean-shaven on November 1,” and where’s the fun in that? So I am doing my own Movember thing. A Faux Movember, if you will. I’ve been growing facial hair for a month or so and on the first of November I will trim down to a mustache. Because I’ve never had one before, and because, yeah, fuck cancer.

So, this is where you come in. Help me decide what mustache to sport in November! Vote for a mustache style, either one of those listed below, or another one, and email me or tweet or post a Facebook comment, whatever you prefer. I only ask that if you do vote, at some point this year, also make a donation to a cancer-related charity of your choice. If you’re stuck for ideas, the Conquer Cancer Foundation is a good one.

Here are the main mustache styles I am considering:

1. The Chevron: Your basic Magnum P.I. mustache.

2. The Horseshoe: The poor man’s Fu Manchu.

3. The Pencil: I don’t actually think anyone will vote for this, but it would be easy.

4. The Handlebar: Or at least as close as I can get in the allotted time.

5. The Friendly Mutton Chop: The example picture is aspirational, but you get the idea.

And, for reference, here is the current state of my facial hair:


That’s it! Please vote!