A New Home

Welcome to Polytropos’ new digs, over at wordpress.com. Why? Short version: my hosting provider started crapping out big time, and in considering what to do I realized that I am not, at this point in my life, the guy who likes to have his own server space to play with and configure, but rather the guy who wants it to be easy. So rather than migrate to another full-service hosting provider, I’m using wordpress.com and Gmail, though I will be keeping the domain name, so in hopefully not too much time the old url will point faithfully to this blog, and the old email address will work just fine.

So don’t go changing your bookmarks just yet, but in the meantime, you can use this url for the blog and use nbruinooge at gmail dot com to get a hold of me if the usual email bounces. You will need to update the rss feed, though.

Comments should be working again.

Don’t worry, the header image is going to be replaced by something appropriately Polytropian — thanks in advance to Ed!

Older pages are going to be a sea of broken links and unformatted Textile formatting. I’ll try to fix the posts that still get some intermittent traffic.

Oh, and in the spirit of wanting things to be easy, I should confess that I have iPhone lust and also very badly want a Macbook Pro. I am prepared to publically apologize for my years of PC advocacy if the Mac fairy will bring me these things.