Dominic Is Here

Suanna knew when she got up this morning, December 9, that it was going to happen today; at 1:30 she knew it was time to go the hospital, even though her contractions were still relatively far apart. At 2:00 we were in her delivery room; at 2:05 she was pushing, and at 2:53 Dominic Michael Bruinooge was born.

Seven pounds, ten ounces, nineteen inches. He has a fair amount of dirty blonde hair, and dark grey eyes with perhaps a hint of brown — we’re not sure yet. He has been a most relaxed baby so far, staring around at everything with wide eyes, like his big sister did, and hardly crying at all. I am composing this while Suanna is sleeping and the nurses are busy checking him out in the nursery, and I’m still not sure if I’m so relaxed about it all because this is the second time or because it happened so fast I haven’t had time to actually process it.

You wonder, as a parent, how on earth you could possibly find more love for someone new when your heart is full to bursting with love for the child you already have. But then when the moment comes it washes over you and you can’t imagine it any other way. Your capacity isn’t divided, it’s multiplied — the kid is hours old and he’s already given me a gift I can never repay.

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