Number Two

We have news! Suanna is pregnant. Here’s the FAQ:

Q: Seriously?

A: Yep.

Q: Wow . . . I mean, like, I didn’t know if you were gonna have another one or not.

A: Neither did we. But then we decided to give it a shot.

Q: Now you’re gonna end up with like four or five, right?

A: The plan is to stop at two.

Q: So, when’s Suanna due?

A: December 16, which means she’s early in the second trimester right now.

Q: Are you gonna find out the gender, and if so are you gonna tell us?

A: Yes and yes.

Q: So do you know right now?!

A: Nope. The technician wasn’t able to hazard a guess at the ultrasound. But you are more than welcome to engage in your own speculation; here’s a picture:

Q: Do you guys want a boy now, for balance or whatever?

A: Not necessarily. In fact, when we were at the ultrasound and the technician was trying to figure it out, I realized that, in my gut, I wanted it to be another girl.

Q: Maybe on the theory that another girl might be as wonderful, easygoing, and non-troublesome as Ella?

A: Hey, it was a gut feeling. But that may have had something to do with it.

Q: You realize, though, that after Ella you guys are totally fated to get a screaming terror of a child that will have you in a constant state of frazzlement for the next 18 years?

A: The cards are stacked against us, it’s true.

Q: So what does Ella think of the prospect of having a sibling?

A: We haven’t told her yet. That is to say, we haven’t sat down with her and explained everything in language we know she can understand. We have talked about it with each other in her presence pretty liberally, so she’s got to have an inkling that Something Is Going On.

Q: So how much of it do you think she gets already?

A: If history is any judge, way more than we’d guess.

Q: This is all very exciting. Who’s allowed to know? May I spread the word?

A: You certainly may.