As you’ve probably heard by now, an “ocean earthquake”: of historic proportions has caused massive damage and loss of life in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, and elsewhere. Untold thousands are dead; millions have lost their homes.

One of those about whom nothing is known yet is Tom Seah, my brother-in-law’s father. I’ve written of him “with great admiration”: in my Thailand travelogue. He’s on a weeklong diving trip in the Similan Islands, west of Thailand. There are worse places in the path of the tsunami waves to have been, but he was undoubtedly in their path.

There’s no word from him yet, and it may be a little while until there is. Your thoughts and prayers for him and his family are appreciated.

UPDATE: Good news, much sooner than was looked for! All’s well with Tom. His boat was trundling back for shore as of a couple hours ago, so he should be back in Thailand by now.

More details as I get them. It is both strange and sobering, though, to be experiencing joy and relief when the tragic toll of this event is only beginning to be felt by so many.

UPDATE: Via “Jim”:, see “The Command Post”: for ways to help the disaster victims.