Birthday Blog

Polytropos is one year old today! That’s pretty nifty, especially since a year is about six months longer than I would have guessed it would have lasted, starting out. That staying power comes from the fact that people actually seem to be _reading_ the dang thing, in numbers greater than I would have predicted. Having an audience, it turns out, is quite addictive.

I’m still working on making enough time & energy to post better stuff, more often, and thus (ideally) lift myself off the plateau that I’ve “complained about”: before. But it’s a tricky issue. Should I really be worrying about it all that much, when I could be directing writerly energies elsewhere? Or should I be happy that I actually have a place to _direct_ those energies, and keep running with it? I can see how, after blogging for a couple more years, this sort of thinking could land you in a mid-blog-life crisis, “like Jim”:

But now is not a time for that sort of thinking, but for good cheer and the distribution of cupcakes. Raise a glass with me: To the heady, chaotic freedom of the Internet, still present after all these years! To Trackback links! To people writing stuff! To another year of twists and turns!