NPR Junkie Overcomes Murphy’s Law

A pleasant Philadelphia morning. Sun streaming in the hotel window. Complimentary coffee brewing. Ella’s kicking around on the bed, delighted to be somewhere new. Only one thing missing: Morning Edition.

“Having wi-fi here in the hotel room is great.” I say that to Suanna because it takes me all of five seconds to hop onto NPR’s website and find the frequency for the local station, instead of having to root around for it on the dial. But, wouldn’t you know it, the first words we hear are these: “It’s pledge week here at WHYY . . .”


We put up with it for fifteen minutes, and I’m starting to despair of ever making it through the morning, when it hits me: _we have wi-fi here in the hotel room_. Five seconds later, I’m streaming unadulterated NPR through the laptop, and all is right with the world.