Monthly Blogroll Update

Looking over at the now vastly-expanded blogroll, you may think that my blogreading has expanded of late. Actually, the opposite is true — there’s been _less_ time for online reading, which has meant reading blogs rather poorly, with more skimming and skipping-over than actual reading. Rather than continue down that road I’ve started trying to read fewer blogs, better. I’ve always wanted the blogroll to reflect what I actually read regularly, which is why I’ve resisted turning it into the vast sea of mutual links and other nods that seem to be the norm. But it pains me not to link to blogs that I _wish_ I had time to read, if time for reading blogs wasn’t competing with time for other online reading, to say nothing of good ol’ offline reading and actual blogwriting and, y’know, raising my daughter.

Hence, yet another subdivision, hopefully the last one for a while. We still have the Top Five and Friends sections, but for the rest I’ve thrown in many blogs that I read only on occasion, but nevertheless respect highly. This expanded list has been divided into Regular Reads — the ones I keep up with faithfully — and The Rest. I’ll continue to highlight additions to the Regular Reads each month, but changes to The Rest will go unannounced.

And so, the big additions this month:

* The livejournal of gaming luminary “Robin D. Laws”: is now a regular read. It’s not even his gaming content that’s the highlight of his blog, but rather his Neologisms of the Moment and little slices of Toronto life.
* Also added: “A View from a Broad”:, which many of you will already be familiar with. For those who aren’t: it’s the livejournal of a female soldier in Iraq, cat lover, Buffy fan, fine writer. The whole “is she _really_ writing from Iraq?” discussion has come and gone, as it did with Salam Pax. She’s for real, and her descriptions of military life in Iraq are invaluable.