April Search String Excerpts

* *hot wings and cheesy blue* — The surprising thing about this phrase, and ones like it, was that they generated dozens of hits. “They’re tasty”:http://www.polytropos.org/archives/000343.html, I’m tellin’ ya. A new craze sweeping the nation . . .
* *they might be giants make a little birdhouse in your soul meaning* — Far greater minds than mine have pondered this question for many years. Just remember: “they’re leaving out the whistles and bells.” _Whistles and bells._ That’s the key.
* *wallace stevens they might be giants* — I asked this question “before”:http://www.polytropos.org/archives/000323.html but nobody stepped up. Come on: what TMBG song quotes the emperor of modern poetry? And which poem does it quote? I even just gave you a hint on the second part!
* *elves wearing diapers* — I’m speechless.
* *the sopranos roleplaying game for d20 modern* — Wow. That’s a really dumb idea.
* *peter jackson made faramir evil* — For Pete’s sake, let it rest, will you? Peter Jackson _improved_ the character of Faramir! There, I said it! And then it was all spoilt in the third movie, but that’ll be fixed in the extended cut. Hopefully. November’s a long way away . . .
* *the emotional effects of traffic congestion on people living in thailand* — It’s not the congestion. It’s the peppy happy birthday song they play _every freakin’ day_ on the radio. That’ll drive anyone nuts.