February Search String Excerpts

Another month, another batch of search string gems from the webstats.

* gaiman -neil -patagonia -argentina -hostel -stardust -sandman -coraline _(So what the heck_ were _they looking for?)_
* how to dance like andre 3000 _(If he dances anything like “Linus”:http://www.polytropos.org/archives/000264.html, I’m sold.)_
* ella bruinooge _(Three months old and she’s already been googled . . .)_
* ring charm of kick assedness _(It’s going into my next D&D game, whatever it is.)_
* jon stewart tickling tummy _(Polytropos was the second hit for this search. Google clearly needs work.)_
* how to receive the power of telekinesis _(Remember, it’s not the spoon that bends . . .)_
* anapestic calculus _(If they had offered this when I was in school I probably would have learned more math)_
* puck rockers that use the drums _(The only ones I can think of are Robin and the Peaseblossoms.)_