Monthly Blogroll Update

A standard batch of additions this month, and a wee bit of subdivision. The blogroll is now divided into the “Top Five” and “All the Rest.” Like any Top Five list, a couple slots will tend to be static, while the others may cycle out from month to month, depending on who’s hot. The five won’t be individually ranked.

For our starting Top Five, “Slacktivist”: and “UO”: are the no-brainers, “TPM”: edges out “Calpundit”: by a hair, and “J&B”: and “Snarkout”: round out the bunch. “Making Light”: and “GOTM”: were both close to edging in.

Now for the additions:

* “Jim’s Brain Online”: belongs to Jim Zoetewey, a gaming buddy from back in college.
* “Prosperic”: belongs to Joe Porrit, yet another gamer-from-Michigan who I run into at Gencon most years. He is currently a student of Iaido, the Japanese art of sword-drawing. As in, whipping it out of the sheath, not making pictures. Either way, pretty cool.
* “one more voice in the human choir”: is yet another blog of a friend (yay nepotism!), Kari Stoel. Though she’s not much of a gamer. she _is_ getting married to a “charming Brit”:, so her blog is covering both wedding plans and the wild world of immigration.
* Chad Orzel’s “Uncertain Principles”: fills the requisite “physics professor” slot in the blogroll. UP is one of those “been reading it for a while, so high time to add it” blogs.
* “Wonkette”:, by Ana Marie Cox, is a political gossip blog — snarky, irreverent, and highly addictive. New, but well worthy of instant blogrolldom.