Outkast Meets Charlie Brown

I find this much cooler and definitely more endearing than Viking kittens singing The Immigrant Song or Superfriends wassuping: “Hey Ya, Charlie Brown”:http://www.venisproductions.com/movies/heyyacb.html. Be sure to check it out before somebody sends them a cease & desist order for blatant copyright infringement. I hadn’t even heard the song before — clearly I need to be listening to more Outkast. I resolve to emulate Linus’ dance style at the very next wedding reception I attend. Complete with blanket if I can swing it.

Hat tip to Scott Stegenga.

UPDATE: Down in the comments, Ryan King, one of the piece’s creators, provides a mirror link that works “here”:http://www.files.funfreepages.com/videos/heyyacb.mov.