Monthly Blogroll Update

I’ve been a bad blogreader this month; between holiday travel and the new Polytropina, my browsing time has been cut way short. The result is that there’s only two additions to the ‘roll this month, and plans to subdivide it will be procrastinated yet again. I do have a whole passel of new blogs on my reading list, many thanks to trackbacks, so look for more additions next month.

* High marks for “The 20′ By 20’ Room”:, a new group blog about roleplaying games. While its authors don’t have all the publishing credits that the folks at “Rock Scissors Blog”: do, they have something more valuable: people who consistently post stuff. It’s all been well worth reading so far, too.

* I’ve always had one eye on “Pudding Time!”:, the blog of Michael Hall, who also hosts “Ed’s blog”: Somewhere along the line it became one of those blogs I looked forward to reading. Time to ‘roll it.

* Removed from the blogroll: the aforementioned Rock Scissors (supplanted by 20×20), as well as “Salam Pax”:, who is still writing from an important place at an important time. Just not well. I’ll be happy to restore either of them when their frequency and/or quality return.