Cerin Amroth: A New Blog for Ella

In recent days I’ve been facing two dilemmas. As a father: how do I appease the appetite of friends and especially family for 1) updates on Ella’s life and 2) pictures, pictures, pictures? As a blogger: what do I do when the most obvious subject for blogwriting is my daughter and how utterly adorable she is — a subject bound to be of limited interest to the public at large?

The solution is “Cerin Amroth”:http://www.polytropos.org/ella/, a weblog devoted exclusively to infancy, parenting, and Ella. It will be unapologetically Ella-focused, and therefore prone to effusive and even sentimental commentary on her life and activities. If you’re not interested in that sort of thing, stick with Polytropos, which will remain the hard-hitting, no-nonsense bag of tricks you’ve come to expect. Not that this blog will be Ella-free, of course: I’ll be sure to cross-post those entries that I deem to have sufficiently broad interest. While the new blog’s main audience will be family and friends, and it won’t actively seek out a broader readership, my hope is that its quality will at least be _worthy_ of such a readership. So: feel free to check it out.